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ICO’s Denham wants a lower threshold for search warrants

18/04/2018 by:

Speaking in London today, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said that she is in discussions with the government to secure a stronger audit power in the UK Data Protection Bill than currently planned. Speaking about the Facebook / Cambridge...

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EDPS calls for cooperation between DPAs, electoral regulators and audio-visual regulators

20/03/2018 by:

In the aftermath of the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook revelations, Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), said: “The solution is to be found beyond content management and transparency, though they may help where...

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DP Bill amendments on data processing for safeguarding purposes

14/03/2018 by:

The House of Commons Public Bill Committee yesterday adopted government amendments that introduce new measures for processing personal data for safeguarding purposes. Victoria Atkins MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, the Home Department...

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Government tables new amendments to Data Protection Bill

08/03/2018 by:

The government has tabled several amendments to the Data Protection Bill which received its second reading at the House of Commons on 5 March ( see our report ). Clause 154 has been amended so that the Information Commissioner may also consider...

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Labour calls for privacy to be included as a fundamental right in DP Bill

06/03/2018 by:

At the Data Protection Bill's second reading at the House of Commons yesterday evening, the Opposition demanded that the Data Protection Bill is amended so that it explicitly recognises privacy an an unqualified fundamental right as per Article 8 ...

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