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ICO: Government needs to address political influencing together with other online harms

25/04/2019 by:

Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, says that she is disappointed that political campaigning and influencing is not addressed in the government’s White Paper on online harms. Speaking in front of the Parliamentary Sub-Committee on...

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EDPB provides guidance on ‘contractual necessity’ as a lawful ground for processing

23/04/2019 by:

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has issued draft guidance on an appropriate legal basis and contractual obligations in the context of providing online services to data subjects. The guidance discusses the meaning of ‘necessity’. Article...

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Government proposes regulatory measures to tackle online harms

15/04/2019 by:

A White paper on Online Harms, issued on 8 April, suggests a new system of accountability and oversight for tech companies, thus moving far beyond self-regulation. This regime would be supervised by an independent regulator, which would be funded ...

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Czech Republic adopts new DP law to follow GDPR

01/04/2019 by:

The Czech Republic adopted, on 12 March 2019, legislation that brings the GDPR’s provisions into national law. The Data Protection Act, which repeals the previous Act on Personal Data Protection, will not apply administrative fines to the public...

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The Netherlands DPA confirms its GDPR fining policy

15/03/2019 by:

The Netherlands’ Data Protection Authority has published its GDPR fining policy which divides breaches into four categories according to their severity. The overlapping categories are: 1. up to 200,000 euros 2. 120,000 to 500,000 euros 3. 300,000 ...

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